dimanche 1 septembre 2013


For non french speaking pilots.

Dear CONDOR pilots,

Welcome to this new site where you will find the same gliding pleasures as you experienced elsewhere, kindness, sharing and above all, flying those marvelous machines offered by the CONDOR Simulator.

On the front page, the proposed flights for the Day, with their map and FPL.

You will find the flights schedule for the next 2 weeks for the 8.00a.m, 1.30p.m, 5.30pm  and 8.30p.m flights at the corresponding Tabs.

When you get used to fly on the Condor Café servers, you are kindly requested to register at our community forum.

Fill your Name/Pseudo, the Place in the Country where you live and choose an avatar. Then browse and you can even participate !!

Come and fly with us.  Have a nice time.

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